Probiotic Ice Cream For Dogs

Only available for purchase at our kitchen or farmers market. Not available online. 


A healthy treat with a purpose! This delicious and creamy probiotic ice cream is great for your dog's digestive system and tummy. The homemade, fermented yogurt is packed with natural occuring prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. It makes a wonderful kong stuffer, food topper, or lick matt option!


INGREDIENTS: Fermented homemade yogurt, pureed bananas, local wild flower honey. 12 Ounces. Thoughtfully made in small batches in a human-grade, commercial kitchen.


DIRECTIONS: Keep frozen. Move to refridgerator when ready to serve. Do not give to dogs with dairy sensitivities. Serve as a treat, not a complete meal.

Probiotic Ice Cream For Dogs