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9 N 5th Street
Warrenton, VA 20186


Holiday treats are available in our kitchen and participating Farmer's Markets. They sell out incredibly fast, so please follow us on social media for real time availability. 




Pet Treats & Food

As a Certified Canine Nutritionist, My Mission Is To Create Functional Treats That Nourish Pets & Serve a Purpose In Their Diets.





Cattle in Pasture

Farm to Bowl

Pet treats sustainably sourced from small family farms in Virginia

The Power Of Good Nutrition! Luna Before And After With Four Leaf Clover Nutrition


The Power of Good Nutrition. Luna After Four Leaf Clover Nutrition!


"I believe in the power of good nutrition and that food is medicine. Treats have an integral role in your pet's diet - What you put in their mouth every day can directly affect their health and longevity. Treat wisely with Four Leaf Clover"

Clarissa Dery
Founder & Owner of 
Four Leaf Clover, Holistic Pet Bakery

Stella is a professional taste tester at Four Leaf Clover Dog Treats!
Stella is a professional taste tester at Four Leaf Clover Dog Treats
Luna is a professional taste tester at Four Leaf Clover Dog Treats
Luna is a professional taste tester at Four Leaf Clover Dog Treats!

From passion to Business...

My name is Clarissa Dery and I’m the proud owner of two rescued Pit Bulls – Stella and Luna. Because both dogs struggled with allergies, yeast issues, chronic inflammation, and GI upset I began searching for answers and, in the process, became a Certified Canine Nutritionist and a Certified Acute Canine Herbalist. My company, Four Leaf Clover, was born from this journey of managing my dogs’ health issues through the power of good nutrition. 

My story began when I was a college student and decided to adopt Stella, a four-year-old pit mix with allergies, yeast issues, and a never-ending-rash on her underbelly that was constantly peeling and oozing. Several months later, Luna, a four-month-old pit mix, came into my life after being abandoned. Luna had multiple health issues including Demodectic Mange which made her fur fall off and her skin flakey. Luna also struggled with gastrointestinal issues due to lack of medical care and parasites (needless to say, I've cleaned up enough diarrhea to last a lifetime). Being young and naive, I thought I could handle Luna’s health issues since I had successfully managed Stella's complex skin and food allergies. However, after multiple vet visits, medicated baths, and expensive prescription food Luna was still struggling. I couldn't afford numerous vet visits every month and the $100 bag of gourmet cornstarch wasn’t helping. That's when I took matters into my own hands and focused on what I was actually feeding my dogs. That's when everything changed! 

I started making my own dog food and treats with meat and organs from the local butcher shop, along with bone broth, homemade kefir probiotics, and herbal mixes with healthy spices, such as turmeric. Sure enough, their health issues slowly faded away through my recipes. As facultative carnivores, my dogs thrived on the nutritious food I was preparing – no grains, fillers, or toxic preservatives. Just fresh, unprocessed, whole foods sourced responsibly from small family farms with no pesticides, chemicals, or added hormones. 


Luna, now four-years-old, has soft, beautiful, shiny fur. She can eat real food without upsetting her digestive system (every now and then we have some issues, but nothing like we used to deal with). Stella, now eight-years-old, no longer struggles with yeast, underbelly rashes, or allergies. She was once on apoquel every day and needed an allergy shot once a month - She hasn't had either in three years! The food you feed your pets really does make a HUGE difference.


 My goal is to educate pet parents on canine nutrition.

I believe that food is medicine and is the foundation for all good health. What you put in your pet's mouth every day directly affects their health and longevity. Treats have an integral role in your pet's diet and can either contribute to the problem or the solution. That's why I'm incredibly passionate about providing nourishing, functional treats that serve a purpose in your pet's diet!

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Stay In Touch

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*Please text, do not call*
This is my personal cell phone number. Please allow approximately 2-3 hours for a response back.


Every product at Four Leaf Clover is made and packaged in an inspected, commercial kitchen located at 9 North 5th street, Warrenton VA. Additionally, every recipe has been thoroughly tested at Tentamus Labs located in Fredericksburg, VA for quality assurance and nutrition. I have incredibly high standards for pet nutrition that go above and beyond what is required!  
Stop by Four Leaf Clover's kitchen and see for yourself!

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