Frequently Asked Questions


My Dog Has Allergies…Can I Still Feed These Treats?

Four Leaf Clover sources ingredients between small family farms in Virginia and certified organic ingredients that are carefully researched. We NEVER use grains, by-products, preservatives, or low quality meats such as chicken meal or factory farmed meats - These are the ingredients that are most likely to cause inflammation and allergies. At Four Leaf Clover, I stick with ingredients that are packed with omega fatty acids, natural probiotics and fiber. Therefore, Four Leaf Clover treats are not likely to trigger allergies. However, every dog is different and it’s best to monitor your dog when feeding something new.


How Do You Ensure Quality Control?

Every Product is thoroughly tested at Tentamus Labs located in Fredericksburg VA for a guaranteed analysis and quality assurance. Additionally, every product is made in small batches in an inspected commercial kitchen located in Goochland VA. Lastly, I am a Certified Dog Food Nutritionist and have extensive knowledge on biologically appropriate nutrition for dogs! I have incredibly high standards and go above and beyond for the well-being of dogs! At Four Leaf Clover, you know you’re getting top of the line holistic dog treats!


What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Products?

  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte – 6 months stored in a cool dry space with the lid tightly closed.

  • Probiotic Ice Cream – 6 months in the freezer with the lid tightly closed. When ready to serve, move to refrigerator and serve within 1 week.

  • Stella’s Super Food Biscuits – They are baked fresh weekly with no preservatives, therefore they are best used within 2 weeks. You can refrigerate them to extend the shelf life.

  • Luna’s Delectable Treats – They are baked fresh weekly with no preservatives, therefore, they are best used within 2 weeks. Because of the fresh ingredients used (sardines and livers) they are best refrigerated.

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